Handmade Holiday Festival

Folklore Foods at the Handmade Holiday Festival

Last weekend Folklore Foods, the small business I run with my husband Simeon,vended at the 10th annual Handmade Holiday Festival. Our first market! We had very little idea of what to expect - how many people would be interested in prepared food (it was a holiday shopping market, after all), or how much we should… Continue reading Handmade Holiday Festival

What it will cost to have and raise twins (or will it?)

the cost of raising twins

In one of my many recent midnight Google searches I came across a WebMD article called What It Costs to Have and Raise Twins. You got me, WebMD. What does it cost? Well, it depends.  It depends on your income bracket. It depends if you have to buy everything new. It depends if you fall for the… Continue reading What it will cost to have and raise twins (or will it?)

Making the most of 800 sq ft

the Bittman bungalow

As we sat in the ultra sound room shocked and in disbelief, taking in the news that we would soon be a family of five, I remember distinctly Simeon saying to me was that we would need a new car and that we'd have to move. I immediately agreed. Our whole life as we knew… Continue reading Making the most of 800 sq ft

I Did a Thing I Shouldn’t Have

The mom blogger

I read the twin mom blogs. I'm not sure how it happened. I was reading my library book one minute (Holy Spokes by Laura Everett about discovering an urban spirituality from bike commuting) when I found myself seriously typing "twin pregnancy at 24 weeks gestation" into my laptop. Just your average millennial mom over here.… Continue reading I Did a Thing I Shouldn’t Have

Making a List

Making a list

Ok, I admit. I'm feeling overwhelmed. There's a nagging sense that I have a project or multiple projects (!) I'm not completing that are looming over my head unfinished. The real problem is, I don't know what they are exactly.  If I knew I could craft a thorough to do list with each major project… Continue reading Making a List

Happy Thanksgiving!

We enjoyed a lovely day (and weekend!) filled with family, fun, and a never ending turkey. The all-day dinner party included the five Bittmans, Maggie's sister Joyce and her dear friend Caroline from Bay Ridge in the City, and Simeon's brother's family from Arlington. It was a full house and I was so grateful that… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Book Review: Off the Clock

Off the Clock book

Should I be thankful for the middle of the night insomniac reading binges I've had lately? Maybe so, because I think that's the only reason I've completed a couple of good reads recently, one being Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done, a newly published book by time management expert, Laura Vanderkam.… Continue reading Book Review: Off the Clock

It’s been a while…

a walk in the woods

A walk in the woods Hi everyone! I haven't written here in about eight months, but I've been feeling a pull to dust off the blog and get back to putting words to screen. Thanks for sticking with me! Perhaps it's the cozy season of late fall inspiring me to find ways to enjoy life… Continue reading It’s been a while…

Me and E vol. 2

I thought it would be fun in 2018 to document a round up of what Eli has been up to lately. His abilities are changing so rapidly! And then I realized I would like to also document what I've been up to. My life is changing right along with his! Here's volume 2 of what me… Continue reading Me and E vol. 2

I’m on the Family Pedals podcast!

When I first started exploring the idea of reducing our car usage from a financial standpoint I was inspired by Chris and Kelsey Wharton, hosts of the Matrimoney podcast. On their show, this lovely married couple discuss ways to reduce spending and increase happiness - biking being just one example! Later, when Chris was interviewed… Continue reading I’m on the Family Pedals podcast!