The Blogcademy

The Blogcademy. Is. This. Weekend. (!!!!).

Safe to say I’m excited. Really, ridiculously excited. So if you need me this weekend, know that I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole, deep into Blogland, and unlikely to emerge the same ol’ Natanya. No, this is going to be a brand-changing, life-altering weekend full of inspiration and education.

The Blogcademy

This evening I’ll be taking the train to NYC and preparing to spend all day Saturday and Sunday with the three imitable Headmistresses (Nubby, Gala, and Kat) and 29 other blog comrades. I can’t wait to meet the other students and I’m sure we’ll find much in common as we share our passion for this thing called blogging. Don’t worry, I’ll have a full report on my experience next week but in case you can’t wait until then I’ll be updating with pictures and tweets all weekend long – so if you’re interested, or merely curious, follow me on Instagram and Twitter for all the behind-the-scenes goodness! I’m @natanyahaviva both places.


It’s been a dream of mine to meet these high profile, funny, smart, savvy, bloggers for years and years (Since my friend Philip first introduced me to Gala’s website 4-ish years ago). I can hardly believe the day has almost arrived!
Phew – its gonna be a good one. Have a great weekend!!



*All photos from The Blogcademy website.

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