Things I Love Thursdays: 11-1-12 Rainbows Yoga and Friends!

rainbowRainbow over Pittsfield, MA

This week swept by in a rush of bad weather. But lovely moments still creaked their way in to the day-to-day and made this week memorable in so many other ways that make me grateful today.

Grateful for a splendid afternoon walk in the woods ♥ Sunday family dinners ♥ Being holed up with Sim for the whole of Monday waiting for the storm to pass ♥ Sweet farewell parties and misty eyed goodbyes ♥ Halloween ice cream socials  ♥ amazing cloud displays ♥ Bumping into friends in random places ♥ Taking all my vitamins like I know I should ♥ Believing in the future ♥ Trusting the unknown ♥ Halloween Yoga ♥ Funny costume ideas (and stowing away a really good idea for the future!) ♥ g-chats ♥ Birthday soirees ♥ Rainbow apologies from nature.

I’m hoping that all who are affected by storm are recovering well. Sending prayers that the water recedes quickly and power is restored soon.




One thought on “Things I Love Thursdays: 11-1-12 Rainbows Yoga and Friends!

  1. Betty Reuben says:

    Precious moments at a time when here is so much heartache. You create such strength with your reflections and prayers dear heart I love you Grandma

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