Notes from the Universe

If you’ve watched the movie The Secret, as millions of people have, then you’ve probably heard of Mr. Mike Dooley. For over a decade Mike has been sending out daily emails (about 2,000!) to a growing following with reminders of life’s abundance and blessings. I’ve been receiving these daily emails  since 2008 and they always make me smile or giggle–especially seeing a note from “The Universe” in my inbox every morning. And that really is the best part–Mike writes these notes from the perspective of the Universe making each reminder especially soothing, funny, and memorable. Here’s an example of the kinds of notes he sends:

Before this odyssey ever began, Natanya, there was you, your best friends,
and wide-eyed curiosity among you about who would be the first to leap,
the first to forget, the first to kiss, the first to tell, the first to fall,
the first to get back up, and the first to remember that
it all began with a dare: to love in spite of it all.

Is that you, Mergatroid?
The Universe

I remember the glint in your eyes, Natanya… all three of them.

As you can see, Mike’s got a terrific sense of humor, which is why I was absolutely delighted when I was asked to assist his workshop at Kripalu last weekend. His material on Playing The Matrix, as he calls it, was phenomenal and definitely put many aspects of manifesting into new light.

I appreciated most his personal story of triumph and his long list of tools for change. Mike’s a real professional, an awesome speaker and so, so charming. It was a pleasure getting to know him just a little bit better and being among over 100 other like minded folks for the weekend. Such fun.

Natanya and Mike Dooley

Me and Mike Dooley at Kripalu

If you’re inclined, visit his website at to sign up for the notes. Best part is they are totally free!

As Mike would say, “Woo hoo!”



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