I voted!

Did you??

Last night I was so filled with anxiety about today’s election that I pulled out my trusty Green Market Baking Book and picked a delicious and (nearly) sugar-free recipe to calm my nerves. This book is a great choice for anyone interested in naturally sweet treats and it also showcases some really great sweet vegan options as well.

Green Market Baking Book

With soothing on the brain I chose the scrumptious sounding Honey-Chocolate torte. I had the graham cracker crumbs (leftover from another baking project) and butter for the crust, so all I had to get was chocolate for the filling. In order to make it a little more healthy I substituted ghee for some of the butter. Ghee is my new favorite–on anything. Broccoli? Ghee. Toast? Ghee. Desserts? Ghee. Delicious and in Ayurvedic terms, totally good for you. Plus the caramel flavor is absolutely divine. Win win!

Speaking of winning… now with voting done I’m going to eat and wait. Luckily my friend Monica invited us over for a results viewing party at her place so I’ll be bringing my sweet chocolate torte to share and won’t have to eat it all myself.

Go Obama go!




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