Things I Love Thursday: Sandy Recovery, Obama, New Friends

Cafe Le Perche

Table at Cafe Le Perche

♥ With everything happening on the east coast since Super Storm Sandy whipped through I’ve just been so thankful to have been out of direct line of damage. Our house had full power, no flooding, and Sim and I spent some great quality time together. Many we know are now in recovery mode and all the long lines, water damage, and slow public transit making daily living exhausting. I’m sending out my prayers and metta meditations for everyone affected and on a practical level seeing what other ways I might be of help now. Kate put up a great post on this and if you’re in a situation like mine or hers I suggest checking out the links.

♥ I’m also grateful for a couple big wins on election night–namely, Obama and Elizabeth Warren. Sim and I went to a friend’s house to watch the election results come in and unfortunately we had to drive home before it got too late and so missed seeing the big win on TV. Nonetheless, I was giddy with delight at Monica’s text that Obama won Ohio as I was driving home. And then, NPR broke the news on the radio that Obama had surpassed the 270 mark. Such sweet relief.

♥ I made a new friend, Amelie, this week and she’s a doll! A German au pair with a French name living in the States. She’s just too cool. We’re making mad plans for new adventures in the Berks. Look out world!

Other little loves and gratitude… ♥ morning treats at Le Perche ♥ Making a reading list for winter-check out my profile at! ♥ New (and still to be updated further) blog design! ♥ Much needed rest this week ♥ Making progress on my crochet project ♥ Heating the bed with a hot water bottle before getting in at night (amazing!) ♥ Mike Dooley ♥ Tidying up the house (nothing says happiness like a clean floor) ♥ gChat ♥ Phone calls home ♥ Long walks around town ♥ snow!

There’s always so much to be thankful for…



◊ Things I Love Thursday was dreamed up by the inimitable Gala Darling. Check out her Things I Love Thursday posts here. Want more Thursday love? Review my previous Thursdays here.


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