Welcome to my new blog home, friends! You’ve probably noticed a few changes around here, yes? Helllllooo, new design!

Minimal and fresh with lots of space to wonder, wander, and breathe. I’ve been craving wide open spaces in my offline and online life and this blog theme fits nicely into my current wants.

But the biggest change? A new domain name!! Yes, it’s true, I’ve had a few different blog titles since I started writing in this space in 2009. And as I transition into making this hobby a major priority, I knew it was time to get serious about a domain. Let’s review the old titles just for fun:

  • 2009 – Get Your Green On. Natanya Green. Get your Green on. Omg. ::hands over face and shakes head::
  • 2010 – Treasure Chest. This stuck for a good long while. This name is based on my love for treasure hunts. As a kid my mom created the most amazing treasure hunts for each birthday and since then I’ve come to view life as one big treasure hunt. I love the notion the title implied (the blog was a place to collect musings and inspirations of life, i.e., treasures) but it seemed a little too juvenile for my current station.
  • 2012 – Natanya Haviva. After I attended The Blogcademy I had the itch to completely makeover my blog. Though I was bursting with ideas nothing concrete was forming. So, with no other name calling to me I went with my own. Natanya Haviva is my first and middle name, respectively. I love my names (they are both Hebrew) but I realized most people have no idea what Haviva means and it really was only a placeholder until I could think of something I liked better.
  • and that leads us to…

              Soul to Speak

It’s perfect for me now. It describes my passions most succinctly… speaking from the heart, living a life guided by one’s Soul, storytelling, and sharing wisdom. As soon as I said it aloud to myself I didn’t have to think twice. I knew it was it.

Some housekeeping: If you follow this blog on Feedly or another reader update the domain to http://www.soultospeakblog.com. That way you’ll have the best link to all the new posts I have planned.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Perfect.I have been wondering where you disappeared to. You are right “Soul To Speak” has all the originality and the opportunity to express your self. much love to you as you begin this new phase Grandma

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