Our 2013 holiday cards

THIS was the year! The first year we made our “family” holiday cards.

I’ve been reticent to create a holiday card in the past for two reasons. First, I never felt right about sending a holiday card because it seemed too Christmas-like in style and design. I love Christmas cards and I think they are wonderful but as a non-Christian it’s not exactly up my alley. Second, after being with Simeon for little over a year last season I thought maybe it was time to start this little tradition. But neither of us had started seriously talking about marriage and it seemed premature to send out something from the both of us. Plus I sort of ran out of time to think of an alternative. So, no 2012 card.

2013 was different. First it dawned on me that all the current iterations of delightful New Year’s cards means that we could still partake in the holiday card tradition. I’m totally smitten with Minted – their selection is really on trend and the options are seemingly endless that everyone is sure to find something that suits their style.

The other change this year is that Sim and I are betrothed! So, although the cards are still coming from the Green/Bittman household I’m satisfied that our engagement counts as the un-official start to our family unit.

As soon as I saw these cards I called it done. We recently moved to Vermont so the card copy was perfect, plus I just really loved the typography.


Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to all you out there celebrating!

PS how cute is Simeon in his chef’s jacket? 😉

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  1. Perfect. A beautiful card for the new year and new beginnings. A lovely picture. May the New Year be filled with all the wonderful experiences you both deserve Love grandma and grandpa

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