On moving

On movingTomorrow we leave the fourth apartment Sim and I have shared in the past year. For certain, others in the world are far more transient and others still less so. I don’t know what weight to give the moves we’ve made other than we have been light-footed in each “home” – treading the ground as if borrowed for only a short time (though I still managed to put the most holes in the wall that one can). Somehow, we knew, that in each place our time there was temporary; perhaps part self fulling prophecy, part critical understanding of the way things were to be.

We didn’t love Hartford. Not in the way that one finds oneself enraptured by a locale and feels at home in the scent, the earth, the people. We didn’t feel comfortable in Hudson. Not in the way that one who is among one’s tribe feels content and relaxed. We couldn’t stay in the Berkshires. Not when our souls called us to journey beyond our comfort zones into a challenging and fruitful next chapter.

And so, here we are yet again. About to trek to another home, another city, another state. Life is an adventure, my mother always says. She’s so right. This adventure begins with a U-haul trailer, the cat carrier, and our gaze steadily focused on the northern horizon.

Vermont, we’re coming for you. And we’re coming to stay. This time will be different.This time we are committing to shove our feet deep in the Vermont earth, our hands clasped together tightly as a new family. We look forward to finding our footing among a new tribe, among our housemates, and among the land that so eagerly shares her bounty with those who choose… to make the move.