Mountains of Fire


It’s no secret that Vermont’s fall foliage boasts some of the richest, most saturated, awe inspiring colors any tree can show. Yet each year the foliage never fails to inspire even the oldest of the old Vermonters. It’s hard not to fall in love with life during the short weeks when Vermont’s Green Mountains are radically transformed from lush hills to mountains of fire.

These photos were taken at the water access point alongside Lake Elligo in the Northeast Kingdom. Last week as I drove home from my weekly co-op run, I turned a bend on Route 14 to find my view opening onto this scene. I pulled over immediately to honor my incredulity.

Magic in the ordinary. That is my life mantra; everyday I find that small moments, miracles really, help illuminate the meaning of this phrase for me. This was one such moment.

The sky was softly dressed in robes of wispy white clouds. Just below, in a chorus of echoing bold tones of orange, gold, rust and red, the hills erupted in joyous song. The harmony of earth and sky reverberated with vitality.


These kinds of magical moments are easy to miss. Our world offers so much to look at these days, so much constantly vying for our attention. I often hear people describe a kind of attention fatigue that leaves them unable to adequately embrace the present moment with all of their senses.

Living in a rural area certainly has its drawbacks–the lack of a good espresso machine anywhere within 40 miles is one. But the gifts–oh the gifts of an environment which encourages active engagement with all the highest ideals of the good life. Presence. Mindfulness. Abundance. Awe. Gratitude.

I count myself lucky to not only live in an area that affords these values, but lets them bloom freely and abundantly all around me–such as during sunset overlooking lake side foliage. And most of all, I count myself lucky to have the peace of mind to notice it at all.


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  1. Natanya dearest your blogs radiate with the peace and beauty that you find in every place you go. This mountains of fire brings that peace and meaning to all of us I love you grandma

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