One Year Anniversary

Today marks our one year wedding anniversary. wedding-5I’m a mess of emotions today not only because this last month of pregnancy has been the most highly charged emotionally, but because I nearly forgot our anniversary. Ya, I’m that guy.

I wish that I could say I had something elaborate planned out for our weekend…A getaway, a party, a present even. But the truth is, in some ways I think it’s a little bit wonderful that we have been so engaged in our life together that we almost missed this date and occasion.

And of course, I would be remiss not to state the obvious – at least for me: Where has the time gone?!

wedding-15I still walk into a thrift store and feel a pull to look at the mug section. Wasn’t I just completing the seating plan last week? How can it be that a year has passed us by already? And there’s the clue I think. It hasn’t passed us by so much as we have been an active part of seeing it through.

Since the wedding we’ve honeymooned, changed jobs, moved, gotten pregnant, moved again, made new friends, explored our new community, gone on vacation to Jamaica, and braved the coldest winter I’ve ever known. A lot has happened this year for us and it makes sense that time would feel fleeting among the hubbub.

Most importantly, in this one year I have grown closer to my husband. We have shared so many hours in the car, so many hard choices, so many obstacles, so many quiet-daily-wins. We have become more patient with each other, more understanding. And we have each become even more in awe of this person across the table. This incredible individual who said, You. I choose you. You are my person. And made it so with a wedding one year ago.

I am so eager for what lies ahead for us this year and so damn excited about becoming a family of three in a few weeks time. What might next June look like I wonder?


Happy first anniversary, Simeon, I love you.

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  1. ?Happy days ahead Happy Anniversaries ahead I am still loving my mug, use it every morning- I have you both with me each day-

    so much more for you to explore and learn


    Tante Shaindle


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