This is a post for October 13th

Happy Birthday

Dear Simmy,

Happy Birthday! Your birthday was October 13th, I realize that. But today is when I’m posting your birthday blog. So it goes…

And so it goes with you. Another year to add to the memory books. Another year to prove to the world (to yourself?) that you’re blessed with love. Another year to examine your strengths, settle with your weaknesses. Another year to share your gifts–to share your heart.

I am beyond words with you sometimes. Four years that I’ve known you and everyday you surprise me. Everyday I look at you with wonder and surmise that ah-ha! Today I have at last figured you out. And then you go and do/say/write something that makes me again sit with awe. You inspire me.

The world is a better place with you in it. The world is richer, more colorful with your presence. The world is kinder, more forgiving, more empathic, more deliberate, more spirited with you in it.

I am because you are.

I love you. Happy birthday.



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  1. You wrote this lovely testament to your love for your beloved on your parents’ anniversary. Cool, huh? It was as if I was rereading the card Dad read from me this morning! How lucky we two are and how grateful we are for our luck.

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