Whole30 Two Weeks In


Whole30 guys, it’s a thing. The hubs and I have been on the Whole30 plan for nearly two weeks now (12 days to be exact). Time for a little update!

We started the program as a means to reset our diet and build a stronger food foundation. We are a health conscious family with a taste for good food and good flavors so we were already eating pretty well. But I was battling a strong sugar addiction and Simeon wasn’t particularly feeling at his prime.

So we committed to the program. No sugar, dairy, grains, soy, corn, beans, legumes, or alcohol for 30 days. Ahem. Yeah.

And you know what? Here in Vermont during the abundant harvests of summer this is actually very, very easy to do-–and super delicious, too! There’s so much amazing produce available all the time that we’re fortunate to be in the very opposite of a food dessert. So, what’s it been like these past two-ish weeks, really?

Days 1-3: Yay, no cravings

I found the first few days to be unlike I expected. No cravings! Nope, no strong desire for toast, cheese, or muffin. Though it was a bit painful to see an unwrapped cut of Alpha Tolman cheese from award winning local cheesemaker, Jasper Hill, just sitting patiently in the crisper. Actually that was really, really painful. But as long as it was out of sight it was out of mind. (And then we got to happily share it at our son’s first birthday party; win-win).

Days 1-4: Cooking!

Besides a lack of cravings I also found myself diving into cooking. Simeon and I usually unevenly share dinner cooking duty, about 70/30. But these days, it’s been more like 60/40 in my direction –-or so it feels for this non-cook, Sim might disagree, he would know better. Nevertheless, I have really enjoyed meal planning and selecting what recipes from the Whole30 book we might try. And so far, so fun! This is a tremendous benefit for our family. Not only has the kitchen always intimidated me but being married to a professional chef hasn’t exactly helped. (He’s just so much better at it than me, what’s the point?, pouts my ego). But now, I feel like I’ve conquered the stove and am prepared to take on any recipe! Maybe not Julie-and-Julia style, but you know, basic dinner or breakfast. And for his part, Simeon, as much as he loves to cook, isn’t always keen to come home from a day in the kitchen to spend more time in the kitchen. So ya, we’re all pretty happy about this development, I think.

I think we’ve even found a few new dinner staples we’ll be adding to our regular rotation once the month is over so we aren’t automatically falling back on pasta as an easy go-to on nights we’re out of meal ideas. So far, this past week we’ve enjoyed stir fry, coconut curry, cauliflower rice with bolognese, green salads, eggs all which ways, green and fruit smoothies (and smoothie bowls like you see above!), steak and veggie salad with sunshine sauce, and more.

Days 5-7: Hm, that would be so good right now

Though the addictive cravings seemed to have disappeared, there were a few thoughts of how nice it would be to enjoy a crisp cold beer after a long day. Or how nice it would be to enjoy a cup of coffee with cream. Or how annoying it is that aaallll the hot dogs and aaallll the bacon include some form of added sugar (I think there is one or two brave brands out there that doesn’t but they aren’t sold at a store near us).

It’s just annoying to find added sugar in your mayonnaise, you know? What the hell, Hellmans?? At this point it felt like we should just throw up our hands and say, oh well. But we committed to the month, and so we carry on.

Days 8-10: Cleaner gut

By the evening of Day 8 and into Day 9 I suddenly felt ragged. My energy was at an all time low and I felt like I was recovering from major fatigue or illness. My stomach was constantly queasy and I could barely move without feeling like total crap. Which is probably exactly what was happening. I was getting rid of all the leftover crap! ‘Nuff said.

Days 10-12: Reaping some rewards

Woohoo! The other side of that fatigue and nausea was just as beautiful as I imagined! Let me count the ways… Of course, my energy is way higher, my mental acuity seems to be sharper i.e. words come to me faster and I have more mental stamina, the fine lines in my cheeks are less visible, my eyes are shinier, my gut is cleaner, and my clothes are the tiniest bit looser.


I’m looking forward to how the next couple weeks will go and curious if the cravings will reap their ugly heads one more time or if we’re slowly killing them off without noticing.

I did have dreams about food last night, which was something the authors of the Whole30 program said would happen. How weird is that? We humans are a funny animal.


And if you’re curious and would like to more about the whys and hows of the Whole30 program (or just want to know exactly what we’ve gotten ourselves into) more information can be found at http://www.whole30.com.



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  1. This is so great Natanya! I wanted to do it as well but I feel like I would not succeed. My daughter is such a picky eater, I would be making two meals most days. Would love to talk to you about it sometime!

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