I am weary

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health winter timeI am so weary from the news of the day and my spirit aches for renewal and assurances of a lasting peace. And all the while, Earth has been steadily spinning so that night will come and the moon will rise and tomorrow will bring another dawn.

I posted this to Facebook this afternoon. With more new articles coming every hour with updates about President-Elect Trump’s deeply troubling business debts and conflicts of interest, allegations of Russian interference in our election, the Syrian crisis, and how I’m going to afford day-care, I want to weep and weep and weep and weep.

This is not who we are. This is not the Universe I know and trust. And yet, isn’t it? The web of life connects, contains, and corrupts. Decay is a part of the essence of birth and of life. These aren’t platitudes–it’s the core of our existence. So I try. I try to stay with the feelings as they come: shame for not being more actively involved in the fight for justice, fear for how my life and my son’s life will change in the years to come, despair that so much good may be undone, and grief over what could have been. My silent tears seep through my skin and I try to absorb the truth. This is what I feel. This is what is real. This is the truth today.



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  1. dear heart you bring tears to my eyes as you express your fears and concerns for your future and for Eli’s . What can I say to you. I can tell yo uthat tonight darrell steinberg was installed as Mayor of Sacramenteo and his words were those of strength and promise. He pointed out the coming together of so many people this past week end to work inso cany ways f9r the needs of so acramento areas. In the rain to clean up the parks and other important areas that various council persons chcose to work on l hi He had his cousin ht e Rabbi, Mona Alfi, . the head of ACT , Area congregations together and muslin cleric be the ones to say a prayer of hope as the installation began He spoke of his determination to build housing for the homeless improve the way our schools serve the youth bu determining that every youth within the next 4 years will by the age of 20 either be in a college of their choice or attaining school to meet current needs of technical skills or be gainfully employed. he intends to hav e the youth interning in meaningful places and He repeatedly reminded the overflowing crowd that Sacramento is a ciity where all are treated equally , where each person is respected and where it is a sanctuary that will welcome and protect all those who need a safe place. He is determined to work wtth surrounding areas and if any9one can make it happen he is going to be the one. We do know that there are those around us who will work for a better world. .. You are right when you look at trumps appointees however it seems that even the republicans may reject some of these awful appointees. I love you dearest. Your pain is my pain Grandma

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