We’re Moving to Pittsfield!


I’m learning to be bold. To claim my space–physical space, mental space. Space has become so important to me. I need space… 

I started writing this post back in July of last year. I guess this blog post also needed some space of its own…

Spaciousness was a word that kept falling onto the contours of my mind last summer, echoing as I encountered the many micro-ways I kept my self small. Kept my life small. And not in obvious ways, no. My life had been expanding both in size and scope for a few years at least. A ross-country move, multiple new jobs, life partner, marriage, pregnancy, new baby, more moves, more jobs. Just life. And despite being in the wide open spaciousness of rural Vermont country life at the time, the idea of more space occupied my mind. I wanted a space a could expand into, fully unfurled and expressed. What would a bolder me accomplish? What could that woman do? Her potentiality strained me as I navigated a life lived too small. Like a plant, not yet repotted.

Today, in March of 2017, I think I have stepped into the bolder me I earlier craved. At least a little bit. I took a huge, bold, risk and moved my family south to Massachusetts–less on whim and more on prayer.

This week, after five months of this bold journey, my little family of three says farewell to our home-away-from-home, which we’ve been sharing with my wonderful in-laws, and moves into a home of our own. A space of my own.

We are moving into a 3-bedroom duplex apartment with a front and back porch, a bathtub (!), and a large backyard that leads into a multi-hundred acre park full of wild trails and daffodils and lilacs come spring. It’s a dreamy home with glossy, creaky wooden floors, bright white walls, and a landlady who carefully tends to the building like a mama bear to her cub. It is the perfect next home from which to expand, judiciously, as we start yet another season. And how perfect to find home in spring? We begin anew, again.

And as I think about it, what boldness there is in the planting! The unknowingness of the enterprise: the wild nature of the elements of earth, and sky, and rain, could throw off even the most experienced gardener. What will come of our planting here in the Berkshires this year? I hope a most fruitful harvest. And so far, all signs point to the greatest bounty yet. With room to grow.


5 thoughts on “We’re Moving to Pittsfield!”

  1. Natanya dearest your blog says it all How wonderful to be joyously looking forward to the SPACE yu have found. Your descriptive phrases of a plant to be repotted are just perfect. as perfect as your are dear heart. Enjoy enjoy love grandma

  2. NRB has found a place to put some roots down, with your husband, baby and job. We know that you will blossom and be happy with your own family relations.
    Here also we are coming into one of the most beautiful springs, the excess water has hurt some, but not most plants. Blooms galore from grasses, bulbs, seeds, all of the new green leaves on trees. We’ve just put in: a semi-dwarf cherry, and a semi-dwarf nectarine, a full dwarf peach, a red raspberry vine and about four cuttings from our already established three-in-a-hole pluot trees. Along with our fig, persimmon, pomegranate and four varieties of citrus we are looking forward to your visit.
    We want to share in all of your growth. Love, Abba, FIL and GP Allen

    1. I’m so eager to see the trees in bloom and eat the fruit! Counting down the days!

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