Let it…in. be. go.

The other day a friend of mine–an established and highly skilled Tarot reader–did a reading for me. The cards–and her interpretation–provided clear answers to my queries. And more…

She elaborated on gems of wisdom revealed within the stacks. You need to pray more, she said. Listen more regularly to your intuition. You’re smart, she said again and again. She clarified: not book smart or street smart, but smart in spirit. The whole of me, body-mind-soul has an awareness and presence that can be brought to bear on my day-to-day experience if I will let it. Let it, she encouraged.

Let it…

Let it in. Let my spirit in by opening the gates at my heart. I have learned time and again that the gates I think are protecting me from pain are actually keeping me from the healing love that I most want. Let it in. I have committed to meditating more regularly (at least 10 minutes a day) and making more spaciousness to practice peace and patience. Perhaps that is what my wild soul really needs. Tranquility. Just as you wouldn’t go traipsing through the forest and expect a Fox to trot on up to you, why should I expect my spirit to rest in a frenetic heart?

Let it be. What is is. In my better moments I find humor in the aching for things to be different than they are. Yes, the kid just dropped handfuls of uncooked rice on the ground. Yes, you sent an email with typos. Yes, democracy may come unhinged. But there’s my son, a little scientist, exploring gravity. And here I am, my head in my hands, feeling the weight of humanness. And here we are. At a turning point. The whole future an unknown just like it always was.

Let it go. My spirit reminds me. I do not own. It is like saying I am the owner of my thumb. I cannot own that which is me. And the whole of the universe is simply a complex extension of myself. Let myself back in to my day-to-day experience by making room for myself. Hold onto nothing because space creates. Water finds its level; nature abhors a vacuum.

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