32 today!

Picture of the Super Blue Blood Moon on Jan 31, 2018 by Chris Wharton

Today is my birthday!

Can I tell you something? I almost forgot how old I was going to be. Has that ever happened to you? It’s the strangest feeling. Especially because I counted quarter years as a kid. As in I’m not nine! I’m nine and three quarters!

Entering my 30s wasn’t traumatic for me. Truthfully, I was so glad to leave the self-obsessed 20s behind and relieve myself of all the pressure to be someone else. Where the 20s felt like a whole lot of tucking and pinning and pruning and preening, the 30s so far feel like a big inhale exhale. So this is life. Adulthood. This is 32. Ahhhh.

I work with many wonderful colleagues who are in their late thirties or older and one recently referred to me as a “baby 30”. Which made me feel all pouty… I’m not a baby! I wanted to whine back at her. Then I laughed at myself for being such a baby about it. I’ve got so much time left in my thirties to do all the cool shit I wanted to do in my 20s but didn’t for fear of looking dumb. This is so cool! Ok, I’ll take baby 30. It sounds fun.


My hope for 32 is that I will dive into the things that matter most to me without fearful hesitation. That I will lead by example at work and especially at home. I hold the intention to challenge myself to shake off old beliefs about what is possible and delight in being cooperative with my own desires. I feel more confident and competent than ever before and I am eager to have my hopes and projects realized–mostly for the fun of it. 32 is about more hope, more fun, more laughs, more health, more strength, more family, more connection, more love.


It has become a tradition for me and Sim to take off work on my birthday and spend the day out together. Last year we went to what I thought was one of the coolest places on Earth: a used book store/cafe/record store/restaurant overlooking a lovely waterfall and rushing brook out in the middle of nowhere New England. Then we took ourselves on a tour of the indoor botanic gardens at Smith College and ended with a late lunch at a Moroccan restaurant. It was a terrific day.

I have no idea what we’re doing today so I’m preparing for anything. I just hope it involves pie.

5 thoughts on “32 today!”

  1. Happy Birthday sweet one. your day already sounds wonderful and of course to me it is so special because I was there to celebrate your birth and the days beyond that have been full of satisfaction for me. It is precious being your grandmother.It is exciting to listen to your plans and now that they too our filled will great ideas and positive experiences. Have a terrific day .i know the years of the thirties will be just what you want them to be. love you grandma

    1. Haha, thanks big sis!! My colleague calls
      me a baby 30. I kind of love it.

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