Why we made a big purchase while getting out of debt

You know that we are focused right now on zeroing out our debts and trying to live frugally in order to stretch our dollars. It would seem anachronous to spend a large chunk of money of something that isn’t a true and absolute life necessity. But last month we did just that. One cloudy Saturday, while one of us was purchasing our weekly groceries, the other was around the corner purchasing a shiny new drum set to the tune of $700.

Are we crazy?? That’s possible. But, it was something we had talked about for a long time. And we eventually came to a conclusion that made sense to us. This is the thing about living: there are so many ways to do it! Dave Ramsey would have told us not to buy the drum kit. But we had our reasons and it works for us.

It comes down to values: you absolutely have to live by them in order to feel satisfied. It’s why we’ve been experimenting with alternative transportation recently even while it’s somewhat inconvenient and why spending money on something “unnecessary” in the midst of our debt-free journey felt like the right thing to do.

The amazing thing about being even more choosy with our dollars during our journey to becoming debt-free is that we’ve had to track literally every penny. If you’ve ever done that you know that it is incredibly revealing of whether your spending is in line with what you say you care about or whether your spending choices are out of sync with the life you say you want to live.

Here’s where we came down on the choice to make this purchase:

  • Music is really important to us. Making music especially. We want Eli to grow up in a household with access to the tools for making music at his fingertips.
  • Monkey see monkey do. In order to raise a child who wants to play music, weneed to be playing music. He has to see us pick up the guitar or sit down at the drums and watch us make the choice to spend time practicing.
  • Speaking of practice, what better way to train someone to value the experience of putting forth effort over attaching to the result?
  • Simeon is a drummer and hasn’t had a kit to play in years. He knows that playing music is a soothing self-therapy and can support him through long hours at work. It’s already doing just that!
  • I’ve wanted to learn to play drums my whole life. It’s a childhood wish come true to own them.
  • Now that we have the drums, play time is free! Instead of paying for an activity outside of the house, we can make our own entertainment.
  • It will come as no surprise that Eli LOVES the drums. And my secret wish is that as he grows and as I improve my instrumentation we will start a family band! (Ok, I know I can’t count on that as a certainty, but aren’t dreams worth investing in?? Alright, alright, I’m just kidding. Sort of.)

How much the cost of the kit sets us back in dollars is a fraction of our family’s total gain. We spent money on something that is not disposable, it is an investment in an experience that we hope will continue to provide value for a lifetime.

2 thoughts on “Why we made a big purchase while getting out of debt”

  1. Enjoy enjoy. you are right dear heart. Music does add to the enjoyment of life. Every home should have a drum set. love you Granda

  2. How many grandmas say what yours did?!!! And I too wholeheartedly believe in following dreams. What astounds me is how GOOD Eli sounds already! Are you practicing your ukelele?

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