I’m on the Family Pedals podcast!

When I first started exploring the idea of reducing our car usage from a financial standpoint I was inspired by Chris and Kelsey Wharton, hosts of the Matrimoney podcast. On their show, this lovely married couple discuss ways to reduce spending and increase happiness – biking being just one example! Later, when Chris was interviewed by Sarah Kopper on the Family Pedals podcast, I jumped over to her show to listen and was immediately hooked.

Sarah interviews families who are–as she puts it–“challenging the status quo, and living life just a little bit differently.” That sounded right up my alley. I found the show to be inspirational, educational, and motivational; it was just the extra nudge I needed to look into what alternative transportation could look like for my family. And that’s how we came up with the plan to become multi-modal!

You can listen to exactly how we started busing and biking to work and daycare here: https://www.familypedals.com/2018/03/06/podcast-natanya-bittman/


I’m so grateful for the the previous guests on the show whose dedication to living differently has so deeply affected how I’m choosing to live my life now. It brings me so much joy to think of being the inspiration for someone else just starting out as well.

Many thanks again to Sarah for having me on!

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  1. I just got through listening to your podcast. Natanya I am so proud of you. What you say , your careful plans and acceptance of what is possible and what it means to the environment and to the many benefits that your choices engender is truly something to be respected I so love you Grandma

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