Me and E vol. 2

I thought it would be fun in 2018 to document a round up of what Eli has been up to lately. His abilities are changing so rapidly! And then I realized I would like to also document what I’ve been up to. My life is changing right along with his! Here’s volume 2 of what me and E are reading, eating, wearing, and making in February and March.


Eli is reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. A gift from aunt Joyce!

Mama is reading Eat Wheat by Dr. John Douillard. Purchased during recent yoga teacher training at which Douillard spoke.


Eli is eating homemade squeeze pouches. (Well, not the pouches but the smoothie or applesauce inside them).

Mama is eating beans and quinoa tacos from the Instapot (see below!).


Eli and mama are both wearing their bike helmets a lot more now.

Did you catch my recent interview on the Family Pedals podcast about our journey to start biking for transportation?


Eli is making a lot of drawings with pen on scraps of paper. Circles (incomplete) and snakes (long wavy lines) mostly.

Mama is making yummy food in her Instapot!

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  1. As always your news is a delight!! I laughed at your cute faces and enjoyed every bite that Eli ate, I am not sure about your favorites yet. Canhardly w air to see all three of you Love grandma

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