a walk in the woods

It’s been a while…

A walk in the woods

Hi everyone! I haven’t written here in about eight months, but I’ve been feeling a pull to dust off the blog and get back to putting words to screen. Thanks for sticking with me!

Perhaps it’s the cozy season of late fall inspiring me to find ways to enjoy life indoors, or the rounding of the year into 2019 that has me thinking of ways to be more intentional with my time. Perhaps it is the impending birth of twins in a short three and a half months or so that has me willing more time to myself in the last remaining days as a family of three.

Whatever the case, I’m glad to be back and to be with you this season.

I don’t know how often I’ll be back to post and I’m not making a plan. Right now I think I want to go with the flow and see what comes of it. I hope you’ll join me on the journey. 

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