Happy Thanksgiving!

We enjoyed a lovely day (and weekend!) filled with family, fun, and a never ending turkey. The all-day dinner party included the five Bittmans, Maggie’s sister Joyce and her dear friend Caroline from Bay Ridge in the City, and Simeon’s brother’s family from Arlington. It was a full house and I was so grateful that every single person was delightful to be around. What a wonderful family I married into!

Thanks to Sam and Maggie for hosting and for my chef husband for always stepping into the kitchen to feed our family. And especially for making me my own gluten-free pie and gravy. You’re my favorite.

With so much pain and distress in the world, I was grateful to be in a warm, loving home surrounded by good people with a full belly of new life and nourishing food. Blessings abound and I’m abundant in miracles.

Here are some snapshots from our day:

In goes the turkey! That’s a bunch of leeks sticking out the back. 
Getting the food ready. We had a feast! Sim brined the turkey for 3-days and it was the juiciest bird we’d every eaten. Lori brought Brussels and sautéed them with local maple butter. We had a kale and shaved Brussels salad, Thomas Keller style butternut squash soup (highly recommend), two kinds of cranberry sauce including the sliced stuff from a can at the request of the Chesloff girls, and three kinds of pie. 
Eli, ready to eat
Prepping for dinner was a full family affair
The twins were kept quite happy with so much noshing going on all day and all night. A nearly 24 week bump right there!
Tessa taught Eli how to stick a spoon on his nose. He was able to do it successfully a few times!
Cousin love

I hope your day was filled with joy. Here’s to the rest holiday season remaining as bright!