Making a list

Making a List

Ok, I admit. I’m feeling overwhelmed.

There’s a nagging sense that I have a project or multiple projects (!) I’m not completing that are looming over my head unfinished. The real problem is, I don’t know what they are exactly. 

If I knew I could craft a thorough to do list with each major project broken up into digestible bits that I could gnaw off quickly, but without knowing what it is I’m supposed to be doing, I just can’t seem to get started or make that looming sense of unfinished business disappear. 

I think I’ve narrowed it down to a few things that could be causing my malaise. And it’s not really unfinished projects causing me stress, more like fast approaching deadlines. Truly, I almost chuckled when I thought of this list. Perhaps you will too… out of pity.

  1. We are welcoming not, one, but TWO infants into our lives in 3+ ish months.
  2. We are 4+ months into the launch of a new business – still figuring out our systems and developing the overall strategy.
  3. In 5+ months I may have to leave my full-time career in yoga curriculum administration due to childcare costs.

Each of these items on the list is cause for major transformation and tumult. I want, I need, I crave a plan! Give me a big list of actionable items so I know what to do to make the most of the few months left before everything changes and the stakes get even higher!

I’m talking about a list of small things I can do in the in-between moments and during found time. 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there – maybe even an hour or two on the weekend or before I go to sleep. It reminds me of a list I made when Eli was an infant. I realized I never knew how long he would nap or be happily occupied so I made a list of things I could get done in 10 minute increments so I wouldn’t waste precious time trying to figure out what to accomplish. I just glanced at the list and chose something. It worked great and fed me with the momentum I needed to get bigger to dos done when I had more time. 

Similarly, now, I fret over wasting any time at all. Even self-care needs a plan. If I lay on the couch scrolling my Instagram feed, I have a hard time calling that time “relaxing.” But if I’ve thought ahead and prepared myself for an evening bath with soaking salts, I feel soothed.

Even this blog is helping me to identify what I really need. I call that a good use of time! Otherwise I might just be wasting more minutes agonizing over my anxiety. 

So, I’ve been thinking. And here’s my list so far. It starts with self-care because I know myself and without taking care of me, I’m not at my best for anyone else.

  1. Re-write my supplement regimen
  2. Set reminders on my phone for when to take each supplement
  3. Commit to 10 minutes of yoga each night
  4. Follow up on the therapist recommendation and set an appointment
  5. Add more protein to meals – prep hard-boiled eggs, smoothies, & bone broth
  6. Clean out the fridge so healthy food is easy to grab
  7. Meal plan so there are always enough nourishing snacks in the house
  8. Create a social media posting plan for Folklore so I’m not randomly scrolling at night
  9. Make a list of books to read with a page per night goal
  10. Ask around for babysitter recommendations
  11. Make a list of potential regular babysitters 
  12. Schedule a weekly date with Simeon for Folklore business and personal check-in
  13. Set a time each week to review monthly budget and spending with Simeon
  14. Cull children’s books for donation
  15. Wrap gifts for holidays/birthdays/bat mitzvah
  16. Clear one corner of the basement
  17. Mail package that has been sitting in my car forever
  18. Set alarm for 30 minutes before Eli wakes up
  19. Meditate 5 minutes every morning
  20. Review this list!

3 thoughts on “Making a List”

  1. Wow Natanya I am overwhelllmed by your lis. . It seem to me that you have covered a large area of “to do” things. I am pleased that you have included so many special needs ofr yourself. that needs to be major part of what you need to do now. relaxation supplements good snacks and whatever else will up port you> Also prearing for the mounts ahead when you will ned a competent stter for the t wins. Much love to you . I am sure your list will grow with meaningful additions Grandma

  2. There are three kinds of people in this world: 1) People who make lists, 2) People who don’t make lists, and 3) People who carve tiny Nativity scenes out of pecan hulls. I’m sorry, there isn’t really a third category; it’s just that a workable list needs a minimum of three items, I feel.
    — Mary Roach

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