Folklore Foods at the Handmade Holiday Festival

Handmade Holiday Festival

Last weekend Folklore Foods, the small business I run with my husband Simeon,vended at the 10th annual Handmade Holiday Festival. Our first market!

We had very little idea of what to expect – how many people would be interested in prepared food (it was a holiday shopping market, after all), or how much we should prepare to sell. But it was an opportunity to share about the business and get our name in front of new potential customers,  and that was worth the risk. 

Turns out, we did pretty well, all things considered. Certainly, we learned a lot that we can implement in future markets if we choose to do them. But we had a wonderful time and made ourselves known to new faces. 

We are grateful to the Alchemy Initiative, a local community organization for hosting and having us, to WealthE, of Berkshire Money Management, for sponsoring, and to the John Krol Show for featuring us not once, but twice in the week leading up to the event. Click the links to watch our episode features for more information about Folklore!

There’s great mystery in how events and people and timing come together synergistically, and I often marvel at how the puzzle pieces fit together. This event, and our place in it was one of those coming together stories that keeps me hopeful when doubt creeps over my shoulder with whispers of future failure in my ear. I’m grateful to Simeon for his hard work ethic and diligently preparing the most delicious food to serve to our new fans. In fact, my favorite moment of the weekend was when a woman came up to the booth to buy lunch and told us why. “I saw someone eating a bowl of your food and as I walked by I overheard her exclaim loudly over and over, ‘Mmmm this is sooooo good!'”

It’s testimonials like that that keep me energized and enthusiastic about the promise for this business of ours. Who knows what may come next, but we will be ready to accept more miracles laid in our path, more synergy from like-minds, more trusting relationships with customers, and more fun along the way.

2 thoughts on “Handmade Holiday Festival”

  1. Wonderful congratullations t o both you for what y0u have accomplished . It sounds as if this is the be ginning of a great future.When you are both rich and overwhelmed by you r success you will have to remember this au spacious start. I lOVE TO YOU BOTH GRANDMA


  2. wow, this is so exciting and so much fun. I’m hungry for a Folklore Foods meal. Since you inquired about the mystery of the marketplace, I thought I’d share something that has helped me in my work with organizations and events. Do you know of Harrison Owen? Books: Riding the Tiger, and Open Space Technology. His “Law of Two Feet” originated from the years he lived in a small village in West Africa observing the natural rhythms of events and the marketplace. 1. Whoever comes is the right people. 2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have. 3. Whenever it starts is the right time. 4. When it’s over, it’s over. 🙂

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