I Did a Thing I Shouldn’t Have

The mom blogger

I read the twin mom blogs. I'm not sure how it happened. I was reading my library book one minute (Holy Spokes by Laura Everett about discovering an urban spirituality from bike commuting) when I found myself seriously typing "twin pregnancy at 24 weeks gestation" into my laptop. Just your average millennial mom over here.… Continue reading I Did a Thing I Shouldn’t Have

It’s been a while…

a walk in the woods

A walk in the woods Hi everyone! I haven't written here in about eight months, but I've been feeling a pull to dust off the blog and get back to putting words to screen. Thanks for sticking with me! Perhaps it's the cozy season of late fall inspiring me to find ways to enjoy life… Continue reading It’s been a while…


Welcome to my new blog home, friends!¬†You've probably noticed a few changes around here, yes? Helllllooo, new design! Minimal and fresh with lots of space to wonder, wander, and breathe. I've been craving wide open spaces in my offline and online life and this blog theme fits nicely into my current wants. But the biggest… Continue reading Welcome!


Since last weekend's end to the Blogcademy I have had ideas for this blog oozing, tumbling, shooting out my fingertips. Jumping out of bed just as I finally sink into sleep to jot down a thought? It's happened. Notebook growing fuller by the day? For sure. I can't wait to unveil the changes around here.… Continue reading Rumblings…

The Blogcademy: Recap!

All photos except Instagrams courtesy of fabulous Femke Leemans As you know, this past weekend I spent the most incredible two days with 3 multi-talented blogging powerhouses, two professional photographers, and 29 other bloggers extraordinaire. I felt like I had walked into a dream world the moment I arrived at the inaugural Blogcademy hosted by… Continue reading The Blogcademy: Recap!

The Blogcademy

The Blogcademy. Is. This. Weekend. (!!!!). Safe to say I'm excited. Really, ridiculously excited. So if you need me this weekend, know that I've fallen into the rabbit hole, deep into Blogland, and unlikely to emerge the same ol' Natanya. No, this is going to be a brand-changing, life-altering weekend full of inspiration and education.… Continue reading The Blogcademy