A Blanket for Eli

I'm so excited to share this baby blanket FINALLY. Phew. After finishing a knitted blanket for the baby of friends I decided to knit one for my own little babe. I started it this past the spring figuring I had plenty of time to complete the project before my delivery. Well, that was a sweet thought... it… Continue reading A Blanket for Eli

Homemade Laundry Detergent (with recipe!)

I've been wanting to try my hand at making our own laundry detergent for a while so when Simeon texted me the other day saying we were all out, I couldn't let the opportunity pass by without giving it a shot. Why DIY? We've been using eco-friendly, natural detergent products of various kinds for years… Continue reading Homemade Laundry Detergent (with recipe!)

DIY Mini Envelopes

Any DIY that uses up materials you already have and that can be used in any number of useful projects is a winner in my book. All this takes is tracing paper, scissors, a ruler, and a pencil! Since sharing my Save the date project I thought I'd share my process for making the mini… Continue reading DIY Mini Envelopes

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Save the dates

There are so many beautiful wedding paper products on offer these days. And scrolling through the options can be dizzying. While searching for the perfect cards I realized that I was getting too hung up on finding the perfect style. I wanted the design to really showcase Simeon and my personalities which led to a… Continue reading Save the dates

Easy photo display

It's  tradition in my family to save the fortune cookie fortunes from Chinese restaurants. After dinner or take-out we stuff those little paper scraps into wallets or stash them for safekeeping until we can get them to the Fortune Jar. At my parents house the jar is jammed with fortunes from the past couple decades.… Continue reading Easy photo display

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DIY: Fun and Easy Yarn + Peg Board Cross Stitch

This has to be the easiest decor DIY. Ever. Looking for a way to spruce up a space with minor commitment but with major impact? Have I got the project for YOU.  Whimsical? Check. Colorful? Check. Giant wall space covered in a flash? Check. Plus, you can personalize it to your liking! All you need is… Continue reading DIY: Fun and Easy Yarn + Peg Board Cross Stitch

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DIY: Nail and String Letter Art

After filling the living room and central dining room area with our combined art collection I was at first puzzled with what to do with an empty wall? I didn't want to make an investment to purchase another art piece because another canvas just seemed boring with the adjacent wall filled with frames. Instead, I… Continue reading DIY: Nail and String Letter Art

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DIY Terrarium. Or, How to build an awesome terrarium for your home.

If you haven't heard yet, let me be the first to tell you, terrariums are like, totally trending right now. But that's not why I love these adorably self-sufficient little moss planets. Why You Should Love a Terrarium First of all, a terrarium is basically a plant diorama. Way cool. Second, they are super easy to… Continue reading DIY Terrarium. Or, How to build an awesome terrarium for your home.

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