Whoa this.

Last June, Eli's most oft said phrase was "Whoa this!" Except, it sounded like, "whoadis!" Seven months later and he's now talking in complete sentences. Paragraphs even! And it's crazy-hard to keep up with all the notes I want to take on what he's saying and how he's saying it. I really just want to… Continue reading Whoa this.

A Birthday Party for Eli #2

  This past weekend we celebrated our two-year old with a perfectly simple, sweet, intimate party. What started out as a plan for a  bonanza of a house warming/toddler birthday with all the things and all the people turned into a small gathering of just a couple of friends and grandparents. We decided to move the party from the… Continue reading A Birthday Party for Eli #2

Happy 2nd Birthday, Eli!

Eli, you're two! Happy birthday to my smiley, savvy, spirited son. My tiny twin, traveling companion and curious co-conspirator. Two years on this earth and you have become more of yourself each and everyday. I want to tell you: You are utterly delightful. You have an unmatched enthusiasm that shines especially bright when you see… Continue reading Happy 2nd Birthday, Eli!

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I Can’t Believe It

Eli is sleeping in a crib. In his own room. Without any fussing or whining about it. At all. *** Let's back up. Since his birth until now we were co-sleeping–rather successfully I think. I never experienced the kind of sleep deprivation I had been warned of and duly dreaded. Sure, Simeon and I were tired after… Continue reading I Can’t Believe It

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Letter to My Son: 12 Months

Dear Eli, I posted to Instagram today to comment on your first birthday. I thought I'd copy my post here for future reference and because it speaks to who you are and how I feel about you. Happy birthday, my sweet boy. "I couldn't imagine what my baby would be like while I was pregnant.… Continue reading Letter to My Son: 12 Months

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12 Things I Learned in My First Three Months of Parenthood

A list from present day me to the me pre-baby. 12 things she wouldn't have guessed then but are oh so true now. Any waist size smaller than 39 weeks pregnant will feel slim. If you ever want to read again, get a kindle. One handed is the new two handed. And 8:00pm is the new… Continue reading 12 Things I Learned in My First Three Months of Parenthood

A Blanket for Eli

I'm so excited to share this baby blanket FINALLY. Phew. After finishing a knitted blanket for the baby of friends I decided to knit one for my own little babe. I started it this past the spring figuring I had plenty of time to complete the project before my delivery. Well, that was a sweet thought... it… Continue reading A Blanket for Eli

A Letter to My Son: Week Two

Dear Eli, We're one day away from your two week birthday. How odd to be counting birthdays in weeks instead of years. And yet, it still feels like only days ago that you were brought from within me to meet the world. How quickly then the sun and moon exchanged places in the sky, over and… Continue reading A Letter to My Son: Week Two

Welcome To The World Baby Bittman!

Last Tuesday morning, under a stormy gray sky, our bright sunshine boy entered the world. As he settled into new life outside the womb the skies cleared and a rainbow appeared over the birthing center. Our Eli Noah had arrived, our 'divine comfort' made manifest. Today, on the occasion of his week old birthday, we officially announce… Continue reading Welcome To The World Baby Bittman!