Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours. I feel so lucky to have my family with me in these interesting times. Though there is a lot to feel disheartened about these days, right now I am reveling in my beautiful, healthy, happy family. And for them, I am very, very thankful. May this season remind… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Grateful, Then and Now

I just came upon this old post I started writing around this time last year. Eli was about one week old and I was feeling full of love and appreciation for my life. It's a treasure to come upon now as I celebrate a one year old and all the things that are still so true:… Continue reading Grateful, Then and Now


How about a little Thursday gratitude on Sunday? Sure why not. Anytime's a good time for some warm fuzzies. Thursday I was down with a major headache and nausea but today is a new day! It's amazing how easy it is to find things to feel grateful for after a rather screwy day. Indeed I am incredibly appreciative of how… Continue reading Gratitude


Grateful for full moons, warm days, and baby giggles. For podcasts, scented candles,  forgiveness, and do-overs. Pumpkin donuts and easy-going Sundays. This week I made mistakes. Puh-len-tee. And when I was seen, I was still loved. When I was held, it was with compassion. I am so, so thankful for my partner, my therapist, my baby, my… Continue reading Gratitude


Gratitude for this season (my favorite!), for inspiring and motivational podcasts, always for coffee, for dream in-laws and a dream baby, for the fall colors and clear blue skies. I am grateful for a true partner-in-life, for friends who send small gifts and tokens of love, for the success of others in my circle and… Continue reading Gratitude


Grateful is a new Thursday blog series highlighting the things I am grateful for this week. My intention is to take the time to notice and acknowledge the contents of life that bring me feelings of joy, connection, or just make me feel upbeat. It is well known (and well documented) that maintaining a gratitude practice can lead… Continue reading Grateful

Mountains of Fire

It's no secret that Vermont's fall foliage boasts some of the richest, most saturated, awe inspiring colors any tree can show. Yet each year the foliage never fails to inspire even the oldest of the old Vermonters. It's hard not to fall in love with life during the short weeks when Vermont's Green Mountains are radically… Continue reading Mountains of Fire

Things I Love Thursday: The open road

There are many metaphors for life, but none capture so closely what I feel these days as a wide open road. The road pictured above is called the Creek Road. It extends north of our home south to the village center and nearly half the community lives just off of it. On either side you'll find picturesque… Continue reading Things I Love Thursday: The open road

Things I Love Thursday: Rainstorms and road trips

As humid as this week has been, I've been grateful for the rain and the rain storms. Something about the thunder and lightning makes me feel refreshed, renewed, re-inspired. Last night we lay in bed in the dark, silently listening to the thunder raging outside and I felt so peaceful... thankful. This week has been easy-going… Continue reading Things I Love Thursday: Rainstorms and road trips

Things I love Thursday: Weaving!

This week I had some extra time among the chaos of day-to-day life to settle in and try a new project just for fun. I've been wanting to get on the weaving band wagon for a while and since I had extra yarn from a wedding project I was set to begin. As you can… Continue reading Things I love Thursday: Weaving!