Making the most of 800 sq ft

the Bittman bungalow

As we sat in the ultra sound room shocked and in disbelief, taking in the news that we would soon be a family of five, I remember distinctly Simeon saying to me was that we would need a new car and that we'd have to move. I immediately agreed. Our whole life as we knew… Continue reading Making the most of 800 sq ft

We’re Moving to Pittsfield!

I'm learning to be bold. To claim my space--physical space, mental space. Space has become so important to me. I need space...  I started writing this post back in July of last year. I guess this blog post also needed some space of its own... Spaciousness was a word that kept falling onto the contours… Continue reading We’re Moving to Pittsfield!

30 Things You Can Do With 10 Minutes

My baby is now walking. He can scoot quickly on all fours or toddle on two, but however he gets there he's very happy to explore whatever spaces and places he can find. He requires near constant vigilance. I applaud his curiosity and encourage his adventurous spirit. But it doesn't leave me with much time. I've… Continue reading 30 Things You Can Do With 10 Minutes

Whole30 Two Weeks In

Whole30 guys, it's a thing. The hubs and I have been on the Whole30 plan for nearly two weeks now (12 days to be exact). Time for a little update! We started the program as a means to reset our diet and build a stronger food foundation. We are a health conscious family with a taste for… Continue reading Whole30 Two Weeks In

The #MomLife

Beside me sits a pile of laundry. The whites have been folded and stacked. Now they wait patiently to be brought upstairs to their places while the darks whirl away, nearly done. Next to that is a mug of hot (!) black tea–maple syrup and half and half too. It's syrup season in Vermont after all. And… Continue reading The #MomLife

Autumn vibes

Mornings are for walks in the rising sun, coffee and breakfast on the porch, reading from my new kindle buddy, and planning the day. I've realized lately how much I crave routine and I'm doing my best to set up a really strong morning experience each day. So far, so good. There's lots happening behind… Continue reading Autumn vibes

Home sweet homestead

Home. It's every bit a verb as much as a noun. Not just the place one resides, home is where the heart is they say. Where the heart beats and lungs breathe and mind wanders... A place of action. A place of movement and exertion and habit and ritual. This moving thing, it's a pain… Continue reading Home sweet homestead

On moving

Tomorrow we leave the fourth apartment Sim and I have shared in the past year. For certain, others in the world are far more transient and others still less so. I don't know what weight to give the moves we've made other than we have been light-footed in each "home" - treading the ground as if… Continue reading On moving

Homemade Laundry Detergent (with recipe!)

I've been wanting to try my hand at making our own laundry detergent for a while so when Simeon texted me the other day saying we were all out, I couldn't let the opportunity pass by without giving it a shot. Why DIY? We've been using eco-friendly, natural detergent products of various kinds for years… Continue reading Homemade Laundry Detergent (with recipe!)

Our 2013 holiday cards

THIS was the year! The first year we made our "family" holiday cards. I've been reticent to create a holiday card in the past for two reasons. First, I never felt right about sending a holiday card because it seemed too Christmas-like in style and design. I love Christmas cards and I think they are… Continue reading Our 2013 holiday cards