This is a post for October 13th

Dear Simmy, Happy Birthday! Your birthday was October 13th, I realize that. But today is when I'm posting your birthday blog. So it goes... And so it goes with you. Another year to add to the memory books. Another year to prove to the world (to yourself?) that you're blessed with love. Another year to examine… Continue reading This is a post for October 13th

One Year Anniversary

Today marks our one year wedding anniversary. I'm a mess of emotions today not only because this last month of pregnancy has been the most highly charged emotionally, but because I nearly forgot our anniversary. Ya, I'm that guy. I wish that I could say I had something elaborate planned out for our weekend...A getaway, a… Continue reading One Year Anniversary

A dozen ways to say I love you

One of my words for this year is "Generous" and I've been thinking lately about all the ways I find myself doling out the love to the special people in my life. Generously loving. That's the theme of this year. As I brainstormed even more fun ways to express my love for my partner and… Continue reading A dozen ways to say I love you

5 things I’m loving now

♥ Loving the band Milk Carton Kids (Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan). Their song Snake Eyes always pops up in my Pandora rotation. I'm a fan. ♥ Free coffee at work. I love getting into my office, hanging up my coat, putting away my bag, washing out my mug, filling it up with coffee and settling… Continue reading 5 things I’m loving now

Our 2013 holiday cards

THIS was the year! The first year we made our "family" holiday cards. I've been reticent to create a holiday card in the past for two reasons. First, I never felt right about sending a holiday card because it seemed too Christmas-like in style and design. I love Christmas cards and I think they are… Continue reading Our 2013 holiday cards

Mary Oliver

We've added a new member to our little family. Not a kid, a cat!I know, I know. Just what the Internet needed, another four more cat photos. Well, Blogland, may I introduce... Mary Oliver*. The sweetest, most affectionate, little lover of a cat I have ever known! She's absolutely perfect for us and is settling into her… Continue reading Mary Oliver

This guy

He's my favorite and my love, my soul mate, my cheerleader, my guide, my counsel, my confidant, my comic relief, my adventure, my future. My person. There's a lot brewing for us. And under the uncertainty of what lies ahead including how we will change and what stress we will most certainly encounter, he always,… Continue reading This guy

Guest Post on Uncontainable Living

Hi friends! I have some special news to share today... Marsha Philitas, certified life coach, curator of compassion, and dear colleague of mine, is graciously hosting me at her blog, Uncontainable Living, today! Marsha recently published her first ebook, Radical Intimacy: A Guidebook for Your Heart, and invited me to take part in the 10 Day… Continue reading Guest Post on Uncontainable Living

Happy Birthday Bob Ross!

Artwork by Murphey Elliot Today would have been Bob Ross' 70th birthday. So many of us grew up on his "happy tress" and his love for painting. I remember many mornings spent in my pajamas in front of the TV watching Bob paint and listening to him talk about life. He and Mister Rogers are pillars… Continue reading Happy Birthday Bob Ross!