Happy Thanksgiving!

We enjoyed a lovely day (and weekend!) filled with family, fun, and a never ending turkey. The all-day dinner party included the five Bittmans, Maggie's sister Joyce and her dear friend Caroline from Bay Ridge in the City, and Simeon's brother's family from Arlington. It was a full house and I was so grateful that… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Are we ready for baby #2?

When Simeon and I decided to have our first child we went through what felt like a fairly comprehensive check-list of considerations. Do we both want a child? Yes. An obvious question to be sure, but what if the answers were to have differed? What then? Thankfully they did not. Are we healthy? Are we prepared… Continue reading Are we ready for baby #2?

This is a post for October 13th

Dear Simmy, Happy Birthday! Your birthday was October 13th, I realize that. But today is when I'm posting your birthday blog. So it goes... And so it goes with you. Another year to add to the memory books. Another year to prove to the world (to yourself?) that you're blessed with love. Another year to examine… Continue reading This is a post for October 13th

A Shower for Baby Bittman

Last month Simeon and I were treated to a special afternoon at my in-law's beautiful home in honor of Baby Bittman. Maggie, Sam, and our dear friend Monica spent many weeks at work on this event to make it truly lovely. We felt so loved! Friends from near and far came to celebrate the occasion,… Continue reading A Shower for Baby Bittman

One Year Anniversary

Today marks our one year wedding anniversary. I'm a mess of emotions today not only because this last month of pregnancy has been the most highly charged emotionally, but because I nearly forgot our anniversary. Ya, I'm that guy. I wish that I could say I had something elaborate planned out for our weekend...A getaway, a… Continue reading One Year Anniversary

On moving

Tomorrow we leave the fourth apartment Sim and I have shared in the past year. For certain, others in the world are far more transient and others still less so. I don't know what weight to give the moves we've made other than we have been light-footed in each "home" - treading the ground as if… Continue reading On moving

On changing my last name

Last week I shredded an old identity: quite literally. Into my small, black, paper shredder went the Social Security card of a one Natanya Haviva Green. June 14th, on my wedding day, I became a member of the Bittman clan and--since the mail arrived last Tuesday--I am now a card carrying Bittman. These days, nothing a… Continue reading On changing my last name

How we’re handling our finances – Part 1

When Simeon and I announce our vows on June 14 we will be uniting our hearts and our household. Indeed, we become officially united under California state law when we sign our marriage certificate. As we merge our hopes and dreams, so too we begin to share our assets and liabilities like never before. I've always… Continue reading How we’re handling our finances – Part 1