Handmade Holiday Festival

Folklore Foods at the Handmade Holiday Festival

Last weekend Folklore Foods, the small business I run with my husband Simeon,vended at the 10th annual Handmade Holiday Festival. Our first market! We had very little idea of what to expect - how many people would be interested in prepared food (it was a holiday shopping market, after all), or how much we should… Continue reading Handmade Holiday Festival

Summer Bucket List

Summer is well under way but by no means is it too late for a Bucket List! There is so much to see and do here in Vermont and the surrounding areas in the summer. I hope we can cross off quite a few of these activities--especially now that Eli is at an age where… Continue reading Summer Bucket List

Welcome to Craftsbury: Stillmeadow Gardens

One of the many gems in our area is Stillmeadow Gardens, a beautiful nursery located in Albany, where all the locals go to get their fuchsias, geraniums, strawberries, herbs and the like. One warm muggy day last month, Simeon, our friend Anya, and I went to visit and picked up a few things to adorn… Continue reading Welcome to Craftsbury: Stillmeadow Gardens

Welcome to Craftsbury: Town Meeting

 There are many charming things about the small state of Vermont. Even if you've never step foot in the Green Mountains I bet you could probably name a few of the state's charms just from the ubiquity of the Vermont brand...the skiing, the award-winning cheese, the green mountains themselves. Yet some of the treasures Vermont… Continue reading Welcome to Craftsbury: Town Meeting

Vermont’s Redeeming Qualities

Growing up in California, I remember winters in high school I would bundle up with a scarf and jacket and slip on a pair of rainbow flip flops and head out the door, perhaps a bit chilly but otherwise fine. My friends and I, dressed similarly, would joke about wearing more than one season at… Continue reading Vermont’s Redeeming Qualities

Winter, Winter, Winter

Snow! For this California girl, the site of the fluffy white stuff on hills, on trees, and on all the bright red barns brings so much pleasure. I can remember years ago, driving up into the Sierra Nevada Mountains and giving a shout of glee at the first sign of something white and icy along the… Continue reading Winter, Winter, Winter

Mountains of Fire

It's no secret that Vermont's fall foliage boasts some of the richest, most saturated, awe inspiring colors any tree can show. Yet each year the foliage never fails to inspire even the oldest of the old Vermonters. It's hard not to fall in love with life during the short weeks when Vermont's Green Mountains are radically… Continue reading Mountains of Fire

Around here

Over the weekend I wrote a long blog post about an amazing meal Simeon and I made but the post was accidentally erased before I could post it. What a downer! While I work on re-creating it, here are some brief updates from the NE Kingdom. I've been writing over at The Girl Who Knows. My… Continue reading Around here

Home sweet homestead

Home. It's every bit a verb as much as a noun. Not just the place one resides, home is where the heart is they say. Where the heart beats and lungs breathe and mind wanders... A place of action. A place of movement and exertion and habit and ritual. This moving thing, it's a pain… Continue reading Home sweet homestead

On Building Community: Everyone waves

Everyone here waves. It's a thing, a cultural affect. Like cowboy hats in Texas is a thing. During most mornings I take a walk down the old dirt road outside our house to watch the sun rise, fill my lungs, and get my body moving. It's a ritual I do just for me but it has… Continue reading On Building Community: Everyone waves