What it will cost to have and raise twins (or will it?)

the cost of raising twins

In one of my many recent midnight Google searches I came across a WebMD article called What It Costs to Have and Raise Twins. You got me, WebMD. What does it cost? Well, it depends.  It depends on your income bracket. It depends if you have to buy everything new. It depends if you fall for the… Continue reading What it will cost to have and raise twins (or will it?)

I Did a Thing I Shouldn’t Have

The mom blogger

I read the twin mom blogs. I'm not sure how it happened. I was reading my library book one minute (Holy Spokes by Laura Everett about discovering an urban spirituality from bike commuting) when I found myself seriously typing "twin pregnancy at 24 weeks gestation" into my laptop. Just your average millennial mom over here.… Continue reading I Did a Thing I Shouldn’t Have