Homemade kimchi

One of the ways we are attacking our debt and getting the most out of our dollars every month is by making most of our food at home. Not just meals, but also pantry goods that we might have easily thrown into the cart at the grocery store without thinking twice. A favorite add-in to … Continue reading Homemade kimchi

Our best resources for getting out of debt.

A number of people have asked me for recommendations on tools to use for tracking spending and getting out of debt. I love sharing and anyone standing within earshot of my explanations can tell I feel passionately about this topic. So now, rather than overwhelm the poor friend (pun not intended), I'll instead send them … Continue reading Our best resources for getting out of debt.

Whoa this.

Last June, Eli's most oft said phrase was "Whoa this!" Except, it sounded like, "whoadis!" Seven months later and he's now talking in complete sentences. Paragraphs even! And it's crazy-hard to keep up with all the notes I want to take on what he's saying and how he's saying it. I really just want to … Continue reading Whoa this.

Let it…in. be. go.

The other day a friend of mine--an established and highly skilled Tarot reader--did a reading for me. The cards--and her interpretation--provided clear answers to my queries. And more... She elaborated on gems of wisdom revealed within the stacks. You need to pray more, she said. Listen more regularly to your intuition. You're smart, she said again … Continue reading Let it…in. be. go.

Book Review: What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

Ever since I read an article in "Fast Company" by Laura Vanderkam a couple of years ago, I've periodically followed her writing online and have been inspired by her message to working women that there actually is time in the day for all that you want to accomplish. As a working mom with lots of … Continue reading Book Review: What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

Let’s talk debt.

We're like most people. Between my husband and I, we have two paychecks, two cars and two car loans, four college degrees and four corresponding students loans. We have a brand new home mortgage and inside the house is a couch that we still owe money on. And of course, in our wallets is a … Continue reading Let’s talk debt.

Being a Kid Again and the Word No

Indulge me in a quick thought experiment: Imagine yourself as a kid again. What came to mind? Perhaps an image of you at elementary age, running free, exploring your neighborhood subject only to the limits of your imagination, unburdened by adult concerns of meal planning, mortgage payments, and marriage woes. The other day a friend … Continue reading Being a Kid Again and the Word No

Are we ready for baby #2?

When Simeon and I decided to have our first child we went through what felt like a fairly comprehensive check-list of considerations. Do we both want a child? Yes. An obvious question to be sure, but what if the answers were to have differed? What then? Thankfully they did not. Are we healthy? Are we prepared … Continue reading Are we ready for baby #2?

A Birthday Party for Eli #2

  This past weekend we celebrated our two-year old with a perfectly simple, sweet, intimate party. What started out as a plan for a  bonanza of a house warming/toddler birthday with all the things and all the people turned into a small gathering of just a couple of friends and grandparents. We decided to move the party from the … Continue reading A Birthday Party for Eli #2

Happy 2nd Birthday, Eli!

Eli, you're two! Happy birthday to my smiley, savvy, spirited son. My tiny twin, traveling companion and curious co-conspirator. Two years on this earth and you have become more of yourself each and everyday. I want to tell you: You are utterly delightful. You have an unmatched enthusiasm that shines especially bright when you see … Continue reading Happy 2nd Birthday, Eli!