Why we made a big purchase while getting out of debt

You know that we are focused right now on zeroing out our debts and trying to live frugally in order to stretch our dollars. It would seem anachronous to spend a large chunk of money of something that isn't a true and absolute life necessity. But last month we did just that. One cloudy Saturday,… Continue reading Why we made a big purchase while getting out of debt

Day in the life of a bus commuter

7:15 am. We're out the door. This would be my hard line if I were to have a hard line, which I don't because I have a toddler. I do really try to be on the bike before 7:20 otherwise I start to get anxious about the bus taking off without us. I pull the… Continue reading Day in the life of a bus commuter

Discovering transit

We enjoyed a deliciously lazy Sunday morning a few weekends ago. We stayed in our pajamas playing with trains on the floor, the oatmeal bowls never ran out and a new Spotify playlist set that perfect easy-going mood. Mid-morning Simeon took off for a couple hours to get some computer work done and I took… Continue reading Discovering transit

Becoming multimodal

We are now a biking, busing, walking family! We're multimodal! After listening to every episode of the Family Pedals podcast about families who bike for transportation and are car-free or car-lite, I became convinced that we could ditch my car in favor of active transportation. I thought that I would bike the 9.5 miles from… Continue reading Becoming multimodal

32 today!

Picture of the Super Blue Blood Moon on Jan 31, 2018 by Chris Wharton Today is my birthday! Can I tell you something? I almost forgot how old I was going to be. Has that ever happened to you? It's the strangest feeling. Especially because I counted quarter years as a kid. As in I'm… Continue reading 32 today!

How we plan to pay off our debt.

Once we laid out our budget and saw precisely what we had coming in and going out we were ready to plan our attack. And it really is an attack. If you're going to change your money story you can't face debt with the same mentality you had getting into it! That probably deserves a… Continue reading How we plan to pay off our debt.

Me and E vol. 1

I thought it would be fun in 2018 to document a round up of what Eli has been up to lately. His abilities are changing so rapidly! And then I realized I would like to also document what I've been up to. My life is changing right along with his! So here's volume 1 of what… Continue reading Me and E vol. 1

A 5:45 wake up call

A 5:45 am toddler wake up call on Saturday after a night of very little sleep and a long week of battling The Sickness was NOT how I imagined starting my weekend. Do I need to say how tired I felt? How badly I wanted to fall back in bed, pull the warm flannel sheets… Continue reading A 5:45 wake up call

Homemade kimchi

One of the ways we are attacking our debt and getting the most out of our dollars every month is by making most of our food at home. Not just meals, but also pantry goods that we might have easily thrown into the cart at the grocery store without thinking twice. A favorite add-in to… Continue reading Homemade kimchi

Our best resources for getting out of debt.

A number of people have asked me for recommendations on tools to use for tracking spending and getting out of debt. I love sharing and anyone standing within earshot of my explanations can tell I feel passionately about this topic. So now, rather than overwhelm the poor friend (pun not intended), I'll instead send them… Continue reading Our best resources for getting out of debt.