Discovering transit

We enjoyed a deliciously lazy Sunday morning a few weekends ago. We stayed in our pajamas playing with trains on the floor, the oatmeal bowls never ran out and a new Spotify playlist set that perfect easy-going mood. Mid-morning Simeon took off for a couple hours to get some computer work done and I took… Continue reading Discovering transit

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours. I feel so lucky to have my family with me in these interesting times. Though there is a lot to feel disheartened about these days, right now I am reveling in my beautiful, healthy, happy family. And for them, I am very, very thankful. May this season remind… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Weekend Update: Wait, its already November?

Happy weekend, y'all! I'm so grateful for the chance to relax and take it easy for the next little while. In order to fend off what could be that office cold going around I'm going to complete a 'happy list.' A happy list? Oh, thats a long list of things that make you extra-happy! Yes,… Continue reading Weekend Update: Wait, its already November?

Retro Pop Shop

From Lenox to Lee along Route 7 you mostly pass gorgeous Berkshire forest and lovely cottage homes. The standout landmark is a delightfully bright anomaly called the Retro Pop Shop featuring... well, I didn't know what until recently! The shop and the adorable frozen yogurt stand next door (clearly owned by the same proprietor) had… Continue reading Retro Pop Shop