Me and E vol. 1

I thought it would be fun in 2018 to document a round up of what Eli has been up to lately. His abilities are changing so rapidly! And then I realized I would like to also document what I've been up to. My life is changing right along with his! So here's volume 1 of what… Continue reading Me and E vol. 1

I voted!

Did you?? Last night I was so filled with anxiety about today's election that I pulled out my trusty Green Market Baking Book and picked a delicious and (nearly) sugar-free recipe to calm my nerves. This book is a great choice for anyone interested in naturally sweet treats and it also showcases some really great sweet… Continue reading I voted!

Dating Policy #12: Fast Food Dating

source "Hooking up is like fast food. It can leave you full at first but only leads to cravings later." "Ya, but c'mon it's delicious." *** A recent back and forth with a friend had me laughing out loud. Dating and food. Of course the metaphor was obvious (if only tongue in cheek 😉 ).… Continue reading Dating Policy #12: Fast Food Dating