How we plan to pay off our debt.

Once we laid out our budget and saw precisely what we had coming in and going out we were ready to plan our attack. And it really is an attack. If you're going to change your money story you can't face debt with the same mentality you had getting into it! That probably deserves a… Continue reading How we plan to pay off our debt.

Our best resources for getting out of debt.

A number of people have asked me for recommendations on tools to use for tracking spending and getting out of debt. I love sharing and anyone standing within earshot of my explanations can tell I feel passionately about this topic. So now, rather than overwhelm the poor friend (pun not intended), I'll instead send them… Continue reading Our best resources for getting out of debt.

Let’s talk debt.

We're like most people. Between my husband and I, we have two paychecks, two cars and two car loans, four college degrees and four corresponding students loans. We have a brand new home mortgage and inside the house is a couch that we still owe money on. And of course, in our wallets is a… Continue reading Let’s talk debt.

I will teach you to be rich

No, not me. Ramit Sethi, silly. Sethi, 26, is clearly the "unique voice on money, one singularly attuned to..his generation [read: my generation]" (according to the San Francisco Chronicle). I should know, I have his book. And unlike most personal finance books, I'm really truly reading (and heeding) his advice. I know you may be… Continue reading I will teach you to be rich