Why we made a big purchase while getting out of debt

You know that we are focused right now on zeroing out our debts and trying to live frugally in order to stretch our dollars. It would seem anachronous to spend a large chunk of money of something that isn't a true and absolute life necessity. But last month we did just that. One cloudy Saturday,… Continue reading Why we made a big purchase while getting out of debt

Spring Mixtape

 source Spring is that funny time of year when one day the sun is bright, the weather is warm, and anything feels possible. And then faraway clouds get wind of the big party and want to join the fun. They can't help but roll in with a storm of thunder and a show of lighting… Continue reading Spring Mixtape

You’re there. I’m here.

Noticing the self-defeating habit. To keep preserving me as I was. Sometimes sweet. Or not. Organic matter falls apart eventually. Strawberry preserves, he says. Sends along a song with the thought. ♥ She sleeps with the moonlight under her head With the clouds to keep her warm Far from the noise of the world below… Continue reading You’re there. I’m here.